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Cheap San Francisco Restaurants
Reviews of Yummy Takeout and Discount Food

Cheap San Francisco Restaurants

This section includes our own recommendations on places for inexpensive food & take-out. If you can sacrifice a little atmosphere and service, there are some great cheap restaurants in San Francisco. Give up a little fancy service but keep the awesome meal.. Have a great meal by the Bay!

Naan and Curry - Great local chain of Indian and Pakistani restaurants.

Hahn's Hibachi - Excellent and well-priced Korean Barbecue, Udon noodle soups, and sautes...

Yumma's - Excellent and very reasonably priced Mediterranean take-out / dine-in grill near 9th & Irving Sunset area restaurant district.

Zao - Great Asian noodle house with Vietnamese styled noodles and soups.

Pasta Pomodoro - Casual Italian food in San Francisco's stylish restaurants.

Fuzio - More casual Italian food - with other noodle styles thrown in.

Ti Couz makes every "Best Of" list for its crepes in the funky Mission neighborhood. Very cozy and friendly for single diners also. We visited in Spring 2000 and enjoyed a few specials including steamed clams with white wine sauce and shallots. Our guest also shared with us a mushroom and cheese dinner crepe. A delicious fresh accompaniment was the spring fresh salad mix with feta cheese and roasted red peppers. Total meal cost per person including drinks and dessert was around $17. Dessert you ask... apple crepe with caramel sauce topped with natural vanilla bean ice cream. Enough said.

San Francisco Takeout Restaurants

3108 16th St. @ Valencia 252-7373


Noah's Bagel's

Noah's Bagel's is the best bagels in SF and it's all over S.F. For under a dollar, you get a freshly baked delicious bagel. Make sure to get the freshest one's -- they're steaming hot. Noah's also has Jewish ethnic delicacies like lox and hamentashen cookies, but also sandwiches and coffee. If you're walking around and hungry or want a unique breakfast, Noah's can't be beat -- and there's about 25 of them in every cafe laden neighborhood.

is the undisputed king of San Francisco pizza and offers prompt delivery service.


Jamba Juice is the stereotypical (California takeout) juice bar in the trendy Marina, Irving, and Financial District. Jamba Juice

Nutritious and delicious juices are a treat at Jamba Juice on Union Street in Pacific Heights and several other locations (see below).

Californians love fresh squeezed juice right? That's the stereotype, and Jamba Juice is out to prove it true. I can't argue with the delicious taste of their big cups of juice. And they even come icy in stay cold cups. Each juice will run you a whopping $4.25, plus they try to sell nutrition powders on top of that. One nutrition powder is included free. I always feel good after I have one. A very pleasant place with great service. But all they sell is juice drinks. 1998 Union 674-0100, 1300 9th Ave 415-688-2200, and now at Montgomery & Pine Street downtown.

is a great turkey and beef with potato's & veggies type restaurant. Pleasant ambiance, good food, fair prices. Check it out in the Marina District. I love this place & all my friends seem to also. Click for menu highlights...
3258 Scott 775-8867

Just Desserts has the best desserts in the City & great coffee drinks too. There's a bunch of them in the Marina 3735 Buchanan 922-8675 near Safeway Grocery, Sunset 836 Irving / 681-1277, and Mission @ 248 Church / 626-5774.

Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store & Cafe - great foccacia sandwiches!

Caffe Centro is where the new media elite hang out and buy their latte when their stock isn't selling. Smack in the middle of multimedia gulch/South Park, its hella-trendy but with damn great sandwiches, salads, and coffee drinks for about $7 per person (including tall espresso).
102 South Park (near 2nd and Bryant) 882-1500

The Peer Inn on Embarcadero at Pier 33 was recommended by our readers. It's a dive that feeds (and waters) a mix of business types and fishermen. GOOD (if heavy) breakfasts, ask for the corned beef hash. Good and generous lunches. (Thursday is reuben sandwich day, very good). Any restaurant on the waterfront has awesome views too. Great restaurant to combine with a boat trip from the Ferry Building.
415-788-1411 / 415-788-1453

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