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San Francisco's Best Desserts

Restaurant Reviews

O.K., we admit it -- we have a very sweet tooth. There are a few places in San Francisco that specialize in desserts. In a city known for food, they excel in one thing and do it well. These places are an excellent choice for after a movie or the theater to just hang out with some cake and coffee. Remember, moderation is the key, so skip the sugar in the coffee and have another cheesecake brownie instead...

Just Desserts has the best desserts in the City & great coffee drinks too. There's a bunch of them in the Marina 3735 Buchanan 922-8675 near Safeway Grocery, Sunset 836 Irving / 681-1277, and Mission @ 248 Church / 626-5774.

Tart to Tart gives Just Desserts some stiff competition. Located in the Sunset neighborhood with more of a cafe & dessert atmosphere. A neat neighborhood place that will cost you only around $5 for a great cake slice and mocha. The service can sometimes be a little surly and slow, but they get the food out eventually. T-T is highly recommended and a lot of fun.
641 Irving 753-0643

O.K. so crepes were dreadfully trendy. But, Ti Couz makes every "Best Of" list for its crepes in the funky Mission neighborhood. Very cozy and friendly for single diners also. Under $10 for a meal crepe and delicious dessert crepe. 3108 16th St. @ Valencia 252-7373


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