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Range Restaurant - Valencia

San Francisco Review

Range Restaurant San Francisco

Range Restaurant is one of the Mission District’s hot new restaurants featuring stylish American food in a comfortable and modern setting. The restaurant’s sleek & narrow interior is fronted by well-stocked bar and wine selection. The buzz and vibe of Range make it a great place even to wait at the bar for your table. The dining area features polished, beautiful hardwood; muted colors; and comfortable booths. This is truly modern San Francisco dining.

The Skatewing was an unusual and delicious fish...

For our meal – we were seated in a small section of booths just outside the kitchen’s entrance. It was intimate – if a little cramped. Range is very packed into its space. We began our meal with a tasty Syrah from the wine list. The Manila clams were to die for, and also tried a unique white bean soup that was both hearty and spicy. All of the appetizers our group rated a solid “A”.

For our entrees, we checked out the halibut, skate wing (from the ray family), and the world-famous rubbed pork shoulder. The halibut was excellent – flaky and cooked just right with some colorful vegetables placed around. The skate wing was also very good and a relatively unique fish to try. The pork shoulder was tasty –if a little fatty.

The ravioli appetizer was small but tasty...

The service at Range was average. The waitress handled our orders efficiently – but without much emotion or warmth. During a special meal on the town – we hope for a little more interaction for an enjoyable event. Perhaps it was an “off” server or off-day for the server (?) – but of an otherwise great experience – it detracted a bit.

Back to the meal – for our dessert, we enjoyed a vanilla ice cream that was delicious. Range is quality done well, but not unusual. The menu selections are quite limited (about 8 entrees to choose from) and seasonally influenced. We enjoyed the great food at Range – and would recommend this restaurant – but might not rush back with the “range” of restaurants, service, and comfortable spaces available along Valencia Street in San Francisco. No doubt Range is hip and popular today – but is among many similar choices in the area. Our editors rate Range a “B+” for the overall dining experience. The total meal cost was around $120 for 3 people, not including alcohol.

The halibut came with healthy lentils

Range Restaurant

842 Valencia Street


Reservations Strongly Recommended (We didn’t get seated until 9:45pm on a Saturday)

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Sunday – Thursday : 530pm – 1000pm

Friday – Saturday: 530pm – 1100pm


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