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San Francisco Airport Shuttles

Tips and Tricks

Friendly Airport Service for San Francisco

Possible SFO Airport Van Issues:

* Many stops before yours

* Waiting at airport a long time for more passengers

* Rate not firmly set in advance -- they'll charge what they can. Ask the price in advance.

* Appearances of the driver (attitude) are usually accurate. This can be a dirty business. You will be actively solicited by many others if you look confused. Van services are one floor up from the baggage claim area.

* Also note that a $1-$2 tip is expected. You can get a van at almost any time of day or night.

Common Scams:

* A full van is a van ready to leave; an empty van will sit until it fills profitably with passengers.

* It is possible to get to the South Suburbs & East Bay (Oakland) inexpensively using the vans.

* The key question to ask is, "when are you leaving & how many stops before I will be dropped off?" You could be in S.F. in 20 minutes, but drive around for another hour dropping off people before you get dropped off.

* If you have a family of four, or 3-4 travelers; a taxi is almost exactly break-even with the van and has no wait or stops -- definitely worth it at about $35-$40.

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