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San Francisco Weather in August

San Francisco sees an influx of summer visitors in August. This is probably due in part to general summer travel trends. And it’s probably got a bit to do with the fun activities that the city makes available in August. But it certainly also has to do with the weather. August is hot in most places. It’s sweaty and humid and tiring with temperatures that have been climbing for months and seem like they’ll never break. In contrast, it’s nice and mildly cool in San Francisco and August so the city provides a lovely reprieve from the heat of many people’s hometowns.

The average August low temperature in San Francisco is 55 degrees. The average high is 67. It almost never rains in the city during this month of the year although the thick fog that rolls in on summer days can sometimes feel moist to the skin. You won’t need an umbrella but you might want a light hooded jacket for that reason. Although it won’t rain, there are likely to be many days that are a bit overcast and cloudy so you should plan for that cooler-feeling weather. Don’t forget your sunscreen, though, because it is sunny two thirds of the time in this month.

People may find themselves surprised by how cool the temperatures feel in San Francisco in August. It takes some adjusting to enjoy sixty-degree weather if you’ve just stepped off a plane that originated somewhere where it’s in the nineties. In windy spots it can feel really chilly and if you have shown up in shorts and a t-shirt then you might feel like it’s really cold. But if you’ve worn the proper layers for a San Francisco summer then you’ll likely quickly begin to enjoy the cool days.

If you start to feel like it’s just too cold for you then it’s smart to take advantage of the city’s microclimates. It usually feels warmer in the Mission District, for example, than it does at the beach so plan your activities in the city accordingly if you’re afraid of being too cold during your summer stay. It’s also worth noting that the surrounding Bay Area cities don’t have the same cool temperatures as the city itself so you can get back to warmer weather easily by taking a day trip to the East Bay, South Bay or Napa wine country.

San Francisco Beaches

Within the city there will be plenty of August activities to enjoy. One of the most popular annual events is Outside Lands, a huge multi-day music festival in Golden Gate Park that draws in visitors from all over. A more laidback (and free) option for outdoor music in August is to check out the final performances of the summer Stern Grove concerts. Another opportunity to hear some music outdoors is to check out the annual SF Food Festival. San Francisco is known for great culinary treats and this event allows you to sample a lot of it in one place while enjoying other entertainment in the Mission District.

San Francisco has a little bit of something for everyone and August events are no exception. There’s an atheist film festival, an annual improv festival, the end of the Jewish Film Festival, Japantown’s Nihonmachi Street Fair and of course many events that aren’t annual events but are fun nonetheless. And you can always check out the many regular San Francisco attractions like Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. Those places might be a little crowded with other tourists in August but sometimes that’s what makes it fun.

Not sure if August is the right month for you to visit San Francisco? Check ouraverage San Francisco temperature chart to see what the weather is like in other months of the year.

By: Kathryn Vercillo, Copyright sfTravel LLC

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