Union Street and Marina Nightclubs

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Union Street and Marina San Francisco Nightclubs

Pacific Heights and The Marina are great for walking around and barhopping. Bars are very concentrated in a small area and several have no cover. However, the scene is better than the actual bars which are pretty mediocre -- but there are lots of them! You might want to take a taxi to this area as parking is awful, especially on weekends. If you decide to drive, parking is available at Union Street garages for about $10.

Plumpjack's Balboa Cafe
Andy Rating=C+
A quieter place with very strong (but small) mixed drinks. No cover.
No dancing or live music. This place has been around for years and has nice decor.
Crowd is o.k. and an "easier to get in" place on weekends. Near Union Street; supposedly cool mayor Willie Brown likes to lunch here with his powerbroker friends.
One drink type meeting place. Has O.K. food also.
3199 Fillmore @ Filbert 921-3944

City Tavern

City Tavern San Francisco

Andy Rating=B-
3200 Fillmore @ Greenwich 415-567-0918
City Tavern is a big bar with a meat market scene. It's probably the most comfortable in the Triangle and often the most hopping. They serve food too. It's your typical yuppie neighborhood pick-up scene and close to the other Triangle bars.

Andy Rating=A- if you like blues music
A live music great blues place on busy Lombard Street.
Good amount of table seating and good music for cover of $5-$10.
Higher quality entertainment for this area.
2125 Lombard 771-2583 near the Marina District

On Andy's rating scale -- "A"=The best party place -to- "F"=Suckorama

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