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Mission Style Transit in Davis

Davis, California is a town with a funny name - but a great place for walking, relaxing, and enjoying yourself. Davis is home to one of the universities in the UC California system, and a very bike friendly, comfortable city to visit. We often use Davis as a stopping over point between San Francisco and Reno -- rather than rushing through a highway fast food joint. The photo above is the Davis train station (Amtrak) and multi-modal transit station. It also serves buses and of course -- bikes. We found this train station to be very comfortable and a great way for folks in Davis to access the Bay area including the San Francisco International Airport easily without clogging busy Interstate 80.

Right off of Interstate 80's Richards Boulevard exit, you can find a great selection of relaxing casual restaurants including Jamba Juice, Borders / SBC Coffee, and Fuzio pasta. There is also a variety of other Thai, Mexican, and Chinese restaurants within easy walking distance. The relaxing park outside the restaurants makes it an excellent place to enjoy your lunch.

When visiting Davis - we enjoyed the University Park Inn & Suites, which is part of the Best Western chain of hotels. The hotel is comfortable and reasonably priced - with an outdoor pool; internet terminal; and continental breakfast. The hotel's convenience to walk to downtown Davis makes it a great choice to stay in Davis. Our room was spacious and comfortable - however I would note that a number of the furnishings could have been in better repair. We would give this hotel a "B" grade at UC Davis, however the price of around $85 made it a good value. The room included a microwave and refrigerator, for no extra charge and Caffe Italia was a popular choice for hotel-goers and locals alike.

University Park Inn and Suites


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1111 Richards Boulevard - Davis, CA 95616