San Francisco Financial District

Business Epicenter of San Francisco

Skyscrapers San Francisco

San Francisco's Financial District contains some of the highest paying jobs in the U.S. This is where all the suits end up from 9-5. The nexus of the swirling vortex of caffeine injected madness is the corner of California and Montgomery Streets. The best thing for visitors is the views from the restaurants and observatories at the top of the Bank of America "BofA" building, known as the Carnelian room. Basically, the coolest thing to do here is look at other cool places from the sky.

The BofA building's restaurant is overpriced beyond your wildest dreams. The scam is to buy just ONE drink and eat free peanuts, see the view & leave. A drink here is about $6!. Other than that, just look important and you could get some great job. Not really a recommended area, but one that's hard to miss seeing or driving through. Best viewed from a safe distance. It's also totally dead at night when the office-drones return to the suburbs.

These days - people are even just avoiding business travel altogether using web conferencing. With a variety of VOIP and video solutions - it's almost like being with customers and colleagues - no airports involved.