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Along all of the streets of San Francisco lie flower vendors, offering the fragrant beauty of a range of different types of flowers to both locals and travelers. Kiosks stand on corners, little store fronts emerge between bigger buildings and individual vendors with just a bucket of cut flowers can be found all throughout the city. But where can you buy flowers in San Francisco? The San Francisco Flower Mart, that’s where. This series of wholesale stores is where growers gather to make their plants available to vendors. And on weekday mornings, these stores are open to the public, so that even passers-by in the city can purchase extraordinarily beautiful flowers at a low cost.

The San Francisco Flower Mart is a great place to buy fresh and inexpensive flowers and is nestled between the busy construction of renovated buildings and the busy traffic of Interstate 80 in an unassuming series of warehouse buildings at the heart of the SoMA District. The Mart is located at 640 Brannan Street in San Francisco (415) 781-8410.

If you aren’t looking for the buildings which make up the Flower Mart, you might miss them, as their plain exterior and simple signage say little about what lies inside. But this modest façade belies a beauty which is difficult to imagine unless you have been there. As soon as you step around the corner of the first warehouse, the pungent smell of thriving plant life makes its way to your nose, and you can’t help but be drawn in to the little store fronts which are home to more than sixty wholesale flower vendors.

The SoMA neighborhood is known among locals as being the “bad part of town” but in recent years, the neighborhood has worked hard to change this image; the change is happening. With renewed vitalization of the neighborhood, SoMA has become a center for diversity and cultural expression and a location which is creative by day and hopping by night. The San Francisco Flower Mart has been a staple of the SoMA district for more than eighty years, but it fits in well with the changes currently taking place there. It offers a sparkle of beauty along a street which currently has little else to make it stand out; if the street develops, it will do so around this slice of San Francisco.

All florists were mystery shopped for service quality with the results below. Pricing is for one dozen red roses delivered to a San Francisco city residence in Pacific Heights.

Florist Telephone Address Service Motto Sample Bouquet Pricing and Service Quality
Rossi and Rovetti Flowers 415-543-4400 333 Third Street San Francisco 94107 Family run since 1900... Celedon and Salmon with English Garden Design - from $60 $113 - Average service quality. Order status SMS messages to your cell phone.
Mariner and Company 415-921-4777 2500 Polk Street San Francisco 94109 Design studio and retail shop in San Francisco's Russian Hill neighborhood "Just Picked" - A natural arrangement of lillies and roses vibrate with orange tulips. $65 - $100 $100 - Average service quality. Original designs and orchid plants.
Fillmore Florist 415-929-5200 1880 Fillmore Street Products are 100% guaranteed for customer satisfaction. Teleflora Uniquely Chic Bouquet from $60 plus delivery ($10 local; $20 out of area) $70 - Poor service quality. Large inventory of fresh flowers and contemporary arrangements.
Church Street Flowers 415-553-7762 212 Church Street San Francisco 94114 Voted best flower shop by multiple community newspapers for several years running... Gerberra daisies in beautiful orange colors. $87 - Good service quality. Small floral boutique in the heart of San Francisco.
Podesta Baldocchi 415-346-1300 410 Harriet Street San Francisco A San Francisco tradition since 1871 Fall roses arrangement for $70 $116 - Average service quality. Excellent service and contemporary, innovative designs.
Out of the Weeds 415-434- 3427 950 Battery Street San Francisco Creative Arrangements in Colors from the Subtle to the Sublime Call for current floral pricing $79 - Excellent service quality. Creative arrangements; experienced in lush hand-tied bouquets
Petals to Please 415-668- 6898 5138 Geary Blvd. San Francisco Family owned and operated, with a commitment to offering only the finest floral arrangements backed by service that is friendly and prompt. Simple arrangements from $35-$50 $58 - Average service quality. Dedicated and experienced staff will go the extra mile to please
Fleur*T 415-751-2747 15 Clement @ Arguello Customized, artistic, focused on high-end floral arrangements. tbd tbd
Fiori Flowers 415-346-1100 2314 Chestnut Street San Francisco Over 35 years of experience in event planning; 3 locations in Bay Area; San Francisco, Burlingame, Palo Alto Call for current floral pricing $79 - Below average service quality. Carries wide selection of fresh and seasonal flowers as well as garden plants and orchids

And it certainly is a slice of San Francisco. San Francisco is about diversity, and this is reflected two-fold at the San Francisco Flower Mart. First, it is reflected in the faces of the culturally diverse vendors who gather here, exhibiting our country’s melting pot nature in a way which many other cities just don’t experience. These vendors are pleasant enough to let you browse quietly through their exotic plants and also helpful enough to let you know what it is that you are looking at around you. The diversity of the area is also reflected at the Flower Mart in the wide selection of different flowers and other plants offered by the numerous vendors. From the standard rose bouquets to the beautiful potted cymbidium orchids, flower groups of all kinds are represented here.

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San Francisco is not just about diversity, but also about appreciating the beauty of that diversity. To this end, the growers at the San Francisco Flower Mart have designed their small stores to maximize the beauty of their already striking wares. Tempting as it is to buy everything in sight, you may be afraid that your brown thumb won’t be able to keep these plants alive. Rest assured; all of the vendors are helpful in offering suggestions about how to care for each plant. They can also help you to select the right plants for the occasion you are celebrating. Ask them to help you figure out which flowers will look best on the table cloth at your next dinner party and you will be rewarded with knowledgeable advice to help you make your selection.

Taking an hour or two out of your day to explore this paradise is well worth it. Even just browsing among the flowers offers a peaceful escape from the bustling city life all around. Of course, you probably won’t want to go home empty handed, but luckily the prices here are more than fair. This is a wholesale flower shop so the plants here are much less expensive than if they were purchased directly from street vendors or flower stores. You’ll probably even have enough money in your pocket left over for food; stop in at the Flower Mart Café located at one end of the Flower Mart for a hearty breakfast or light lunch.

When visiting or living in California, you have unique access to the most beautiful flowers in the world at incredible prices. For your home or just for your visit - we've compiled a consumer guide of our favorite florists and flower markets in the San Francisco Bay Area. From flower markets where many florists can show a wide variety, to upscale florists to provide you the top service for even a San Francisco wedding -- this is one of the best places in the world to buy beautiful flowers. We've reviewed the service, prices, delivery and flower offerings for major San Francisco florists to bring you a refined list to shop from. Please contact us with any questions or referrals / reviews of recommended San Francisco flower shops from your delivery or pick-up orders.

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San Francisco florists can offer high tech services including delivery confirmation to your cell phone; online ordering and email confirmation of delivery; and hand picked flowers from decades-old San Francisco florists. Top selling flowers in San Francisco include roses, wedding arrangements, and tulip bouquets. Tropical collages of flowers are also popular with a variety of exotic blooms from around the globe.

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You can choose the best florist and flower deliveries from our review guide of top Bay Area florists summarized in one convenient place. We look at service, pricing, and convenience to choose the best San Francisco flower shops.

So whether your planning a beautiful wedding, a romantic evening, or commemorating a special day - choose the right florists to serve your needs carefully. For larger purchases (weddings) be sure to ask for references from satisfied customers and be an informed consumer.

San Francisco Native Flowers

San Francisco is home to a unique climate which makes it a natural home for beautiful flowers and plant life which are not easily grown in other parts of the world. California itself is unique from the rest of the United States in that it has a Mediterranean climate similar to only four other regions of the world (the area surrounding the Mediterranean Sea is the one most often thought of and there are three others, in the center of coastal Chile, parts of South Africa and part of Southwestern Australia). The Mediterranean climate is characterized by mild temperatures with wet winters, a climate which is natural to much of California but which is primarily located in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area.

Due to the fact that the Mediterranean climate is wettest during the winter months, the season to find flowers blooming their brightest is from the beginning of spring through the middle of summer. One of the first local flowers which will pop its head out of the ground after the winter rains is the California lilac. This flower has several variations, the most common of which is formally called the Ceanothus Joyce Coulter and commonly known as the “creeping mountain lilac”. Growing on a brush of approximately two feet in height, the lilac offers a beautiful violet-blue background to the activities of early spring in San Francisco. This lilac hue is accentuated by the blossoming of the Ribes sanguineum, better known as the pink-flowering currant, which offers its rosy bloom at this same time of year.

Just as the brilliance of these early-spring flowers is beginning to fade, a sea of color spreads itself along the ground of San Francisco. The bright orange California poppy is the gem of this season. Not only does its striking color add sunshine to the days of late spring, but this flower has special significance to people in the state because it is California’s state flower, appearing even on the design of the Welcome to California signs situated at the state’s borders. In addition to the California poppy, the blue of the iris and the yellow of the meadow foam add to the landscape. The latter of these is easily distinguished by the large yellow center which led to the nickname of these flowers being the “fried egg” plants. These colors are enhanced against a background of natural green grasses which grow in the area at the same time.

During the summer months, these grasses are replaced by grasses with a golden-hue which provide a wonderful contrast to the flowers which bloom at this time of year, particularly the fuchsia shades of the clarkia. The flower, which is so-named because it was discovered by Clark of Lewis and Clark, is deep pink in color and can grow on plants of heights up to two feet, providing a dense attraction for the eye in the areas of the Bay Area where it grows. This provides a final burst of color before the low-rain season leaves its mark and the plant life lies dormant in preparation for a new year.

Of course, the flowers which are native to the San Francisco area can be found in nature, but if you are seeking to find them without having to search around, there are a few locations which make it easy for you to do so. One of the best places in which to see the flowers growing in a semi-natural state is The Arthur Menzies Garden of California Native Plants which is located inside of the San Francisco Botanical Gardens in the middle of Golden Gate Park. The Botanical Gardens are free to visit and are open all throughout the year, and you will have the pleasure of seeing a great number of San Francisco’s native plants all located within this one section of the gardens, alongside the plants of various other Mediterranean and non-Mediterranean locations throughout the world.

In addition to being able to visit these flowers at the Botanical Gardens, you can purchase them from local flower vendors. To visit a number of local vendors at once (as well as to buy flowers at a discount), consider making a stop at the San Francisco Flower Mart, where numerous local vendors supply wholesale flowers to the public. There are also numerous flower shows held in San Francisco throughout the year, the largest of which is the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show which takes place each March. Whether or not you decide to purchase native flowers, and whether or not you seize the opportunity to take a free visit to the Botanical Gardens, you should pay attention to the flowers which are blooming around you during the time that you spend in San Francisco. The scents and the colors which are naturally located in the Bay Area are found in so few parts of the world that being around them is a chance to be treasured.

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