Mandarin Oriental

San Francisco Review

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222 Sansome Street (Financial District)

Asian Style Luxury Hotel: RECOMMENDED.

While hotel prices fluctuate rapidly -- prices quoted ranged from $300-$600 with a median price quote of $380.

A reader shares, "Our stay at the Mandarin Oriental was absolutely fabulous. This price is high but the view is worth every penny. The atmosphere when you enter the hotel is very plush yet incredibly friendly and hospitable. The doorman is gracious and very helpful. The front desk personnel are pleasant. Our bellman Eduardo was knowledgeable and very proud of his hotel. He guided us through each part of the hotel and provided important information.

The view from the skywalk was breathtaking. From both sides you could far through the city. As wonderful as the view is from there, it's even more magnificent from the room. Windows everywhere. The view of the bay was incredible. The view included Sausalito, Alcatraz, the Wharf, the Pier, the stadium and more.

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The room was conservative in furnishings but tasteful. It was equipped with all the electronic gadgets. The speaker in the bathroom was a nice touch when having a hot, relaxing bath. The view from the bathroom was as wonderful as the rest. The general manager adds to the experience by sending a complimentary bottle of champagne to the room as a welcome.

This hotel is definitely a memorable experience. The view alone makes me want to come back and experience more."

J.E. writes, "Fabulous expense account hotel. It would be hard to imagine staying anyplace with a more spectacular view of the city. The rooms are spacious and well appointed, all the modern gizmos."