Mark Hopkins Intercontinental

Among San Francisco's Finest Hotels

Mark Hopkins San Francisco

The Mark Hopkins is located at California & Mason on Nob Hill -- a steep hill overlooking the Financial District & Union Square. The hotel's intersection is a major and convenient cable car stop to both popular neighborhoods. This hotel (and the Fairmont) are nicely secluded from the city's hustle and bustle, yet convenient to many key attractions. The hotel's service is also impeccable.

The hotel has the true historic feel of San Francisco with classic style. The Mark Hopkins is highly recommended by our editors for San Francisco's legendary elegance on Nob Hill.

Previous visitors to the hotel emphasize points on:

  • Relatively small rooms.

  • Great concierge service is mentioned by many visitors as a huge help in making their trip special.

  • Occaisional issues with long check-in lines at peak periods.

  • High quality accommodations, but not "5 star" quality.

  • Top of the Mark bar a popular stop for a drink right in the hotel.

  • Convenience to classic cablecar transportation on two different lines is excellent. Complimentary car service is usually available (verify with hotel).

  • As noted - it's on the top of a big hill. Great for a workout, but be ready if you are walking up or down.

  • In general, it's a classic and historic hotel. It's perfect if you like that kind of style, but not for those looking for the latest / greatest new hotel because that just isn't the Mark Hopkins.

While hotel prices fluctuate rapidly -- recent prices quoted were in the $200 - $300 range depending on room quality and view. Peak rates range up to $500, but discounts are often available based on demand levels.

Thompson writes, "The Mark Hopkins was totally classy. We loved the room and service atop Nob Hill. We used the cable cars to get around since they stopped right outside the hotel."

Chris says, "Definitely a classy joint. Indeed exuding old world elegance until you get to your room which is decorated with a modern flair, the bathrooms are opulent. 24 hour room service, which is prompt. the "top of the mark" atop the hotel is an incredible view. the only down side i suppose would be that the services offered aren't THAT expansive (hehe); there is one restaurant on the property and it is somewhat upscale but not all the way, the lobby itself is small the concierge is good but it's a slightly smaller scale that one would think from looking at the pictures. for the money, the Ritz Carlton would probably offer more"