San Remo Hotel Review

Fisherman's Wharf

San Remo Hotel San Francisco

Fisherman's Wharf is a touristy area to visit and a centrally located place to stay. Hotels here tend to charge premium prices and the area contains many tourist attractions. Parking is atrocious and rarely included in the hotel price. For budget-class hotels, I would recommend instead staying in the Lombard Street area which is very safe near a high-end residential area and offers many discount hotels.

San Remo Hotel Around $90/night
2237 Mason Street
The following (summarized by editor) information was furnished by the San Remo Hotel's staff in February 1999: The San Remo was built in 1906 to house longshore fisherman and was renovated in the 1980's. Consistent with the period, the rooms are furnished with antiques. The hotel is above hostel quality (similar to European Pension), but has only shared baths and no phones in the rooms. The San Remo is located close to a large government housing project. The hotel has a total of two payphones; only one is enclosed for privacy. The hotel will take messages for guests, but the staff discourages business travelers due to the lack of phones & room sizes. Parking is two blocks away, and the hotel recommends not bringing a car unless staying for a longer period. The rooms are relatively small. Smoking is allowed in the hotel, although the rooms are ventilated. The windows and the hallway doors are left open for ventilation all day.

In the opinion of our editor, If you are looking for a very low price hotel in the Fisherman's Wharf area and are willing to make a few compromises regarding shared bathrooms, telephones, and on-site parking, the San Remo might fit your bill.

San Remo San Francisco

Julie writes, "The San Remo is technically North Beach, not Fisherman's Wharf. North beach ends at North Point St.-one block North of the San Remo. Also, it IS near a Housing Project, but it is the Housing Project with the Cable Car turnaround in the middle of it. (some integrational idea, sprung in the 60's, and if that ain't San Francisco, I don't know what is) If you can't appreciate The San Remo, You don't need to be in San Francisco. This hotel is the fusion of an ehtinically, economically, very diverse group of patrons and staff. It has history and charm. This place is the soul of San francisco within four walls. I have literally solved world problems with patrons from at least 3 countries while sipping a glass of wine at an outdoor table. And we were all complete strangers before the problem solving began. If Bush would hold a summit at the San Remo, even Sharon and Arafat would not only come to an agreement, but might actually become Saturday night movie buddies. Check out Emma's, the new restaurant that just opened in the hotel. I guarantee you'll meet at least one person from at least a dozen diffent countries. If you don't, you are trying very hard not to."

Katrina writes , "They were very nice about the fact that we were showing up late and kept someone at the desk until we came. They let us do the check in the next day so that we could unpack and go to sleep. The staff was very helpful with any questions we had during our stay about how to get to certain places. There is no parking on site, but they have a deal with a couple of lots which are both safe but aren't 24 hour access. They only cost $10-14 a day. The rooms are going to be moving to non smoking sometime soon they told us, but currently they are all smoking. There are no tv's in the room, but by the time you're done with your day of adventure, you don't really need it. There is no phone in the room, but how many people do you plan to call? There is no bathroom in your room, but they aren't far to go. They do provide plenty of privacy. I have been there twice now and both times I felt very comfortable amongst the other guests. It is a very quiet place. Not a lot of racket from guests. It's only about 2 blocks from one cable car line and about 6 from the other. Both will go right into Chinatown. The hotel is also a couple of blocks from the windy part of Lombard street. Another great advantage is that you're 4 blocks from Fishermans wharf but it doesn't feel like it. And if you get late night cravings, you're a block from the Safeway (one of the parking garages is on top of that). I think that it is a very nice, quiet and quaint place. if you don't mind a lack of tv, phone and bathroom in your room, but want a nice cheap place, this is a wonderful place to stay!"

Alison writes , "Thanks to your site, I had a fantastic trip. I only wish I had a few more $$$ and another week to see all of the sites. The best thing was the San Remo Hotel, not only was it cheap, it was clean, quiet and the staff were great. Our friends chose to stay at the hostel where they had to listen to a guy from Houston snore like a maniac. We paid a few dollars more and slept great. We were so close to the Wharf, and China Town that we chose to walk most of the time and took the cool trolley the rest of the time. I actually really enjoyed Fisherman's Wharf. Maybe because it was January and we chose to go in the morning. I can imagine it gets pretty hairy in the summer. There were very few tourists and we enjoyed the ocean and some great food. Pier 39 was great for Sea Lions and the excellent bath salt vendor (too cheap) but everything else should be avoided."

Reader C.W. states , "If one wishes for a friendly attentive staff and quiet relaxed atmosphere then the San Remo is perfect. It reminds me of the best of the European Pensions I have stayed at. My wife is very allergic to cigarette smoke and we have never had a problem at the San Remo. The (shared) bathrooms are pristine, the shower wondrous and the bathtub itself divine."

B.G. raves , "My favorite low cost hotel in San Francisco by FAR!! Stayed here in March of 1999 and had a very pleasant time. The rooms are clean, modest, and full of furniture-wooden armoires, brass sleigh beds. The price- cheap!!! 50 bucks if you are by yourself, 60 bucks if you are with someone else! The area- wonderful, just far away from Fisherman's Wharf to make you feel like you are not a tourist and close enough so you can walk 2 blocks to at least check it out once. 2 blocks South East is the infamous North Beach. Have a wonderful dinner on Columbus Ave. at Rose Pistola (staff are very nice) menu suited for those who like the ocean! Bohemian Cigar Store is close by -where you can sit and have a coffee w/ the unique. One of the most beautiful churches I have been in is also up at Washington Square. So if you get my point... you are near everything and if you want to go further into the heart of the city...all you have to do is take a cable car...and you are there. The line is right by the hotel.

Other specifics about the hotel:

Shared beautiful European style italianette floors, pull chain toilets, wooden doors, fancy floral sinks. Laundry room available, a room for the telephone available.

Desk service is very friendly Not to mention this wonderful hotel looks wonderful from the outside!! It is awesome!! Hope you all check it out and have as pleasant of a time as I did:)

Holly writes , "Cannot say enough about this fabulous place! Incredibly eclectic group of travelers, predominantly European in nature, the San Remo boasts amazing antiques in every room. Enjoyed reading Frances Mayes "Under the Tuscan Sun" and sipping a glass of Zinfandel while enjoying a nice, cool clawfoot-tub-bath after a hard afternoon's sightseeing walk Not recommended for those who prefer the Holiday Inn type of property, but for those who enjoy "discoveries", this is the top of the list."