America's Best Value Inn - Golden Gate

San Francisco - Hotel Review

Americas Best Value Inn San Francisco

America’s Best Value Inn and Suites is a budget hotel chain that offers multiple locations in San Francisco. The Golden Gate location is a popular location with customers. It’s conveniently situated close to the Golden Gate Bridge on Lombard Street and is located in close proximity to popular attractions like Fisherman’s Wharf. This hotel is popular because of the fact that it is very inexpensive. It also offers other benefits like a safe neighborhood and decent parking. However, you do get what you pay for with this hotel so it’s only right for you if you have a no-frills travel style.

Things customers like about America's Best Value Inn & Suites – Golden Gate

  • Great price. One of the main reasons that people like this hotel is because it is a budget lodging option located within the city of San Francisco. It is one of the most affordable hotels in the city; average rates for rooms here are between $69 and $89. It’s especially great for family travelers since this hotel offers free stays for children age 12 and under when at least one parent is staying with them. Additional discounts are offered to customers who join the free online Value Club that is associated with this hotel chain.
  • Good location. The location of this hotel isn’t ideal for everyone. It’s not situated in Union Square or the Financial District or one of the other very popular neighborhoods in the city. However, it does offer a great location in some ways. The hotel is close to the Golden Gate Bridge as well as to some of the main roads that take you to local attractions. People who are driving in the city while find this hotel particularly well-located.
  • Some free parking available. This is for only a portion of the hotel guests, but free if you get it first (18 spots). Parking isn’t perfect around this hotel but it’s easier to find free or low-cost parking in this neighborhood than it is in many different parts of San Francisco. 
  • Safe neighborhood. Many of the budget hotels in San Francisco are located in questionable neighborhoods. That’s not the case with the ABVI & Suites Golden Gate location. This is a safe neighborhood.
  • Free Wi-Fi. Some hotels in San Francisco charge a fee for their wireless services. You won’t find a fee at this hotel. Wi-Fi is a must-have hotel feature for many hotel visitors so this is a nice perk that people like about this hotel.
  • Decent customer service. Some customers have had bad experiences with the customer service at this hotel. However, there are a lot of costumers who have reported that the staff here was friendly and helpful to them during their stay. They are knowledgeable about the area and can assist you in finding tourist attractions and tour information.


Things people don't always like about America's Best Value Inn & Suites – Golden Gate

  • You get what you pay for. One Yelp customer accurately describes this hotel as a “no-frills” lodging option. You aren’t going to get any luxury amenities with this place. In fact, you’ll get thin walls and dim lighting. If you’re looking for anything swanky then this hotel isn’t going to be the right place for you. There is a suite room available with a personal sauna and soaking tub for guests looking for something extra.
  • Not much nightlife. The location of the hotel is convenient but it’s lacking a big nightlife scene around it. There are some restaurants and a couple of local bars but you’ll need to walk, cab or take a bus to the more popular nightlife neighborhoods in the city.
  • Traffic noise. In spite of the fact that there isn’t a busy nightlife in the area, this location isn’t a very quiet location. The hotel is located right on a busy road and therefore there is a lot of noise from traffic passing by. If you’re looking for a quiet retreat then you’ll want to look elsewhere. However, this hotel isn’t any noisier than what you would expect from an urban budget hotel.
  • It’s not close to BART. Many people who stay in San Francisco want to stay close to BART in order to get around the city as well as to easily get to and from the airport. It’s a bus or cab ride to BART from this hotel.
  • The breakfast isn’t spectacular. Some people come to this hotel expecting a decent complimentary breakfast because of the fact that this is an advertised part of the hotel’s offerings. However, you get a very light selection of muffins and pastries to choose from which disappoints some visitors. Plan to get breakfast outside of the hotel if you stay here.


The bottom line about ABVI & Suites – Golden Gate

This is a budget hotel option that is located in a good part of the city in terms of easy access to other places. It’s in a safe neighborhood. People like this hotel because it offers a great low price for staying inside of the city. However, you do get what you pay for so you can’t expect any frills or fancy amenities when you stay here. The bottom line is that this is a fairly average hotel that is forgettable in many ways but it will meet your needs for a low-budget hotel in San Francisco.

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