The Sea Captain

San Francisco Motel

Sea Captain Motel

S.R. writes, "I paid $56 including tax. The room included covered free parking. However, there was a sour smell to the motel. My room had a large TV, but there was a fair amount of street noise."

V.L. writes, "The room was clean (no smell this time, only difference from previous room), well-lit, had a 27" new TV with remote, and the AC/Heater works reliably and well. Also, because of the way the Sea Captain's built, if you stay in one of the inner rooms you can't hear all the Lombard Street racket. Continental breakfast and covered parking are included. The price was again $56, to which a $5 key deposit is added for $61 you pay to stay. Remember to ask for that key deposit back when you turn in your key the next morning as the office is quite willing to let you forget.

Many of the hotels along Lombard Street have a sign advertising $39 per night, and coupons in travel guides list the same price. (If anyone has actually gotten that price please let me know.) No matter which hotel you ask at, these supposedly walk-in only special rooms are always "already taken," even if you name a date 2 weeks in the future. Even if it is just a shill, it's a MUCH better value than the downtown motels. There, you'll pay twice as much for amenities like paper-thin walls, lumpy beds and the privilege of NOT having a bathroom or phone in your room, and an extra $20/day to park offsite."

MW. writes, "I just wanted to let you know that I am planning a vacation for Thanksgiving weekend now, seeing as my boyfriend and I have tried to walk-in to hotels here in the past and have ended up paying ridiculous amounts of money for a room. I thought I would plan ahead and I took your advice about Lombard St. budget lodging-we used to live here, so we know the area is great-but could never get a room on Lombard before if we came during the spring or summer. After hearing the prices for The Sea Captain Inn were so low, I called to inquire about a room, but the manager who answered was so unbelievably rude that I became morally opposed to booking a room with him. Besides, I couldn't really get any information from him because he was busy snapping at me and he became annoyed when I tried to confirm any info. I did get to make sure I had heard him correctly. He must not need my business if he can afford to be so rude. If any one else has had the same experience I would be curious to know, because this was the key element that made me never want to do business with the unfriendly staff at The Sea Captain Inn. They blew it!"

Sarah Sternhem writes, "Couldn't be worse. toilet plugged up, soaked carpeting, yelling in the night, leering front desk guy that blocked my way out of a darkened hallway and told me not to go in the back part of the motel (where I had been directed since the TOILET DIDN'T WORK - there was supposed to be a room with a toilet available - somewhere). The good reviews of this place are all by the owner, in my opinion - check out the 1 and 2 star reviews on TripAdvisor, those are accurate! Police were involved when I was there.

Phone didn't work either, so many trips to front desk. Other rooms available - but he wouldn't give me one. Harasses single women travelers. Very scary place.

$60/night includes parking

2322 Lombard

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