America's Best Value Inn - South of Market

San Francisco - Hotel Review

The America’s Best Value Inn and Suites hotel is a budget hotel that appeals to people because of the fact that it offers comfortable rooms at a low price. This particular location of the hotel chain is in the up-and-coming SoMA neighborhood. Unfortunately, it’s not in the neighborhood’s trendiest spot and there aren’t any specific frills to recommend this hotel. It’s an average place that gives you a decent room at a good price. Perks include the fact that it’s located close to public transportation and it offers free Wi-Fi.

Things customers like about ABVI & Suites – SoMA

  • Inexpensive. This hotel chain is well known for being an inexpensive option for people who want to stay inside of the city. Although this is a hotel chain, it’s located inside of a unique building and is more like a boutique hotel at this location.
  • Groups welcome. You can have up to four people staying in the two double-bed rooms -- it's $20 per person typically over the normal double occupancy (check website / hotel for exact pricing).
  • Close to public transportation. One of the best things about this hotel is that it is located close to public transportation. You are within walking distance from BART when you stay at this hotel. You are also located close to several bus lines and will find it easy to locate taxis in the neighborhood.
  • Close to attractions. This hotel is located close to a number of popular attractions in San Francisco. For example, it’s within walking distance of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Metreon with IMAX theatre and the Westfield Shopping Center.
  • Mixed feelings about the neighborhood. The SoMA is a neighborhood in San Francisco that visitors have mixed feelings about. It used to be a very rough neighborhood but is going through a process of renovation. There are many parts of the SoMA neighborhood that are trendy, nice and upscale. Some of the city’s hottest restaurants and bars are located in this neighborhood. However, the SoMA is still in transition so there are parts of the neighborhood that are still rough. Some visitors feel uncomfortable with the neighborhood because of this.
  • Free Wi-Fi. If you consider free wireless Internet to be a must-have amenity in your hotel then you will be happy to know that this budget hotel offers it to you.
  • Green edge. One of the customers on Yelp points out that this budget hotel is starting to implement some green features such as offering no-waste soap dispensers instead of plastic bottles of soap and shampoo. You don’t see this at many budget hotels so it’s a perk for many visitors.


Things people don't always like about America's Best Value Inn & Suites – SoMA

  • You get what you pay for. This isn’t a hotel that is going to offer you any type of fancy luxury. You don’t get anything more than the basic amenities at this hotel. The rooms are fine but they are not especially memorable. The one exception is that it’s possible to get a hotel room here that has a Jacuzzi tub, which isn’t always available in budget hotels.
  • The hotel faces an alley. One of the things that some customers complain about is the fact that this hotel faces an alley. There is no view of the city, the bay or the ocean, which is something that people wish they could have when staying at a hotel in San Francisco.
  • There is a loud dance club nearby. If you are seeking out a hotel that is particularly quiet then you may have some complaints about this hotel, especially if you stay here on a weekend. The hotel is located next to a big dance club and you can hear the music and noise from two of the thirty-three hotel rooms. The hotel has added extra sound insulation for those two rooms.
  • Parking here costs money. This is not a neighborhood that is particularly friendly to people who are driving in the city. Street parking is limited. The hotel does offer secured 24-hour parking but you pay by the night. It’s not especially expensive but it’s something to consider since you’re probably staying here because you’re on a budget.
  • No on-site dining. There is nothing fancy about this hotel so don’t expect a restaurant on the grounds. The hotel offers a free complimentary breakfast that is very limited. The good news is that your location puts you close to many wonderful San Francisco restaurants.
  • No AC. One of the complaints that Yelp customers have is that there is no AC in this hotel. In fairness, it’s rare that you need AC in San Francisco even on the city’s warmest days. However, if it happens that you’re going to be visiting during a rare heat wave then you might want to consider other options.


The bottom line about America's Best Value Inn & Suites – SoMA

The main reason that a visitor would choose to stay at this hotel is because it provides a very inexpensive way to stay in a hotel in the city. It is located in an up-and-coming neighborhood that many people like and is situated close to very convenient public transportation. However, this is a case of “you get what you pay for” so don’t have high expectations for your room. You are just going to get the basics when you stay in this budget hotel.

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