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lombard crooked street

San Francisco famously boasts some of the steepest streets in the country. Whether you’re walking or driving, the varying gradient of the road is sure to catch your attention and give your heart rate a healthy boost. Lombard Street is one of the most unique of the vertically endowed roads and is a great stop to add to any itinerary.

Lombard Street in San Francisco is one of America's crookedest streets and found on many tours. The steep, hilly street was created with sharp curves to switchback down the one-way hill past beautiful Victorian mansions.   If not for the byzantine curves, easing out this treacherous slope, people could be killed rolling down. For an idea of how steep this street really is, go two blocks up, to Filbert Street and peer down over the ridge. Lombard is even steeper.

Some of San Francisco’s most expensive real estate sits on Lombard Street. This Russian Hill neighborhood possesses stately mansions even with the endless array of tourists pouring down the street every day. In the spring and through the entire summer, Lombard Street is alive with color, as the many beautiful flowers are in bloom.

Lombard: The Crookedest Street in the World

The portion of Lombard Street that everyone knows from the postcards is a section that has been dubbed “the crookedest street in the world”. This refers to the windy switchbacks of road that grace the block between Hyde and Jones. The curvy nature of the one-way drive along with the steep slope of these blocks makes for a fun ride that’s also a visual treat. In total you’ll count eight tight turns in the one block portion of street here.

But did you know that Lombard isn’t truly the “crookedest” street in the world? In fact, it’s not even the crookedest street in San Francisco. That honor belongs to Vermont Street between 20th and 22nd streets in the Portrero Hill neighborhood. Though technically slightly curvier than Lombard, and an interesting sight in its own right, this street doesn’t have the fame or the visual beauty that Lombard Street has, which is why people flock to Lombard Street to take photos during their visit.

A Little Lombard Street History

People are often puzzled as to why this street is so crooked. The answer is safety. The naturally steep grade of the street posed a severe safety hazard. In the 1920’s a property owner in the area suggested the scenic switchbacks to add aesthetic appeal while increasing safety for pedestrians.


lombard crookedest street

What Can You Enjoy On Lombard Street?

Each day there are dozens of tourists that traipse up and down the few blocks that make up the curvy part of Lombard Street. But what exactly can you do at this attraction? Here are the major activities that actually take place on the block:

Famous Homes on Lombard Street

The following famous homes are all just steps away form the crooked part of Lombard Street. You can’t go inside them but you can notice them from the outside as you’re walking around this area.


How to Get to Lombard Street

The crooked famous portion of Lombard Street is located between Jones St. and Hyde St. An exact address to reach the crooked street from your GPS or phone is 1070 Lombard Street, San Francisco, California 94109. Check out a free map of the area to plan your trip. The most common methods of getting to the crooked street address are:

In the Area

Although the walk is steep, visiting Lombard Street doesn’t take a lot of time. That’s okay, though, because it puts you in the perfect place to visit numerous other San Francisco attractions. From this area you are within short walking distance to North Beach, Chinatown and Fisherman’s Wharf which all have their own attractions. You are also located just a few blocks away from the San Francisco Art Institute, which sometimes has events, lectures and art shows for the public.

It is also worth noting that Lombard Street west of the curvy portion is actually a major thoroughfare that can easily take you by car to numerous other portions of the city. For more great things to do - you can take it west to several dining options, the Palace of Fine Arts and even all the way across the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Hotels Near Lombard Street

Any of the hotels in North Beach and Fisherman’s Wharf will be within close walking distance to the curvy part of Lombard Street. Those hotels include the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf, the Radisson, the Holiday Inn, San Remo Hotel and Columbus Motor Inn.

The hotels that are on the portion of Lombard Street west of the curvy section are also a great choice. Many of these are budget hotels that provide convenient access to the city. Those hotels include The Coventry Inn, the Marina Inn, Francisco Bay Inn and Hotel del Sol.

How "cool" can San Francisco's Crooked Street get? More Lombard info!

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