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Pet Hotels in San Francisco

People in San Francisco love their pets. This is evidenced by the fact that there are numerous gourmet pet food stores, pet bakery and party supply stores, dog walking and grooming shops and Meetup groups for people and their pets. It’s not easy to own a pet in San Francisco because you have to struggle to find housing that allows for pets. For this reason, the people who own pets here are people who treat them as a part of the family. That’s good news for visitors who want to bring their pets along to San Francisco because it means that there are tons of pet-friendly hotels where you and your pet will be appreciated and pampered. And if you want to stay in a hotel that doesn’t allow pets then you can always check your pet into a San Francisco pets-only hotel while you relax in your own room. 

Pet-Friendly San Francisco Hotels for People and their Pets 

If you can’t bear to be separated from your furry friends then you will want to stay in a hotel that allows them to stay there with you. There are some terrific pet-friendly hotels in San Francisco where you and your pet can both be spoiled. Some of the top pet-friendly San Francisco hotels include: 

  • Grand Hyatt - Located in the heart of San Francisco's Union Square shopping, restaurant, and theater district - this is the place for well-heeled dogs to lounge. The hotel's top quality service and rooms are perfect for your special dog.
  • Hotel Palomar. This is one of the hottest hotels in San Francisco. It’s popular with people who like trendy, artsy, hip hotels. It’s conveniently located near Union Square so you’re close to lots of fun stuff as well as to public transportation. And yes, this hotel will go above and beyond for your pet. You can even fill out information about your pet’s preferences when you sign in to the hotel to make sure that your baby gets all that he or she needs during your stay. This is one of the pricier pet-friendly hotels in San Francisco but it’s considered to be well worth the cost.
  • Hotel Triton. One hotel that is in direct competition with Hotel Palomar is Hotel Triton. This is another artsy, trendy, Union Square hotel that is super pet-friendly. Perks for your pet include doggie beds, treats and connections to qualified local pet sitters. This one costs a bit less than the first choice on our list so it’s preferred by some people who are traveling on a budget with their babies.
  • Serrano Hotel. Yet another hotel in the Union Square area that is popular with pet owners is the Serrano Hotel. If you’re more interested in fun stuff for your pets than in artsy amenities for yourself then this one is a good choice. That’s because they go above and beyond to provide themed activities and special packages for your pets. They even have upscale pet palaces for you to select if you want a truly luxurious pet-friendly room in San Francisco. If you’re the type of person who loves to buy gourmet treats for your pet then you’ll also love the lobby’s shopping options at this hotel.
  • Hotel Monaco. This hotel loves to pamper your pet with little extras like designer food and water bowls in the room. You can expect pet bedding that will rival your own bed and a take-home souvenir toy for your baby. You can also expect to get a lot of information about pet-friendly activities in the area starting with a guide that is left in your room. This hotel is a four-star hotel in the Union Square area so even though your pet is being spoiled you’re not going to feel left out of the luxury!
  • W San Francisco. If you are looking for a really luxurious hotel in the downtown / SoMA neighborhood then you can do no better than this hotel. It’s got every single amenity that you could possibly want from a high-end hotel. Plus it offers a lot of different services for your pet including dog-walking and dog-sitting while you’re out and about as well as toys, treats and bedding for your pet. You also get pet tags and pet-in-room signs so others know that your pet is there with you.
  • Argonaut Hotel. This pet-friendly hotel is popular for a number of reasons. A main reason is location. It’s near the popular tourist area of Fisherman’s Wharf, which also puts it really close to the popular dog-walking trails along the bay. It’s a relatively affordable hotel that offers pet beds, food and water bowls and little treats to your pet at no extra charge.
  • Hotel Vitale. This luxury hotel is located on the Embarcadero, which means that you get a view of the bay while also enjoying close proximity to shopping, dining and public transportation. There are some amazing perks for you at this hotel (like rooftop soaking tubs and complimentary yoga classes) but there are also some nice treats for your pet including various treats and toys.
  • Galleria Park Hotel. This hotel, like the Hotel Vitale, is part of the Joie de Vivre chain of hotels, which are designed to treat you to a totally luxurious experience. You get much of the same pet-friendly perks here but this hotel is located closer to Union Square in San Francisco’s Financial District.
  • Laurel Inn. This Nob Hill Hotel is considered to be among the best of the bunch in terms of how it treats your pet. This starts with a letter to your pet welcoming him or her to the hotel. It continues with in-room amenities that include water and food bowls, exquisite pet bedding and a chew toy for your animal. There are more treats that you can purchase in the hotel lobby but all of the basics are available at no extra charge to you. This is also one of the most affordable small pet-friendly hotels in the city.
  • Hotel Kabuki. This hotel competes with the Laurel Inn in terms of offering very low cost rooms that are pet-friendly. Only one room in this hotel, the Suite, doesn’t allow pets but the rest of the place is totally pet-friendly (and that’s just because it has a sandy Zen area and bringing pets into the sand would just be asking for trouble). They don’t offer a lot of extra treats for your pet but it’s a great place for people who want to chill out with their pets. The Japantown location is interesting but quieter than other areas and is ideal for people who travel with their pets for company.
Pet Hotels San Francisco

San Francisco Pet Hotels for Spoiling your Pet 

There are some hotels where people aren’t welcome but your pets can certainly be pampered. These hotels are great if you want to drop your pet off while you see some of the sights for a day or two. They’re also great if you really want to stay at a hotel that doesn’t happen to allow pets. Your pet will be completely spoiled and well cared for. You’ll know this for sure because you can check in on them via live video to see what’s going on! Some of the best San Francisco pet hotels include: 

  • Wag Hotel. This pet hotel is the most popular pet hotel in the city. They offer every little extra touch for your pet that you can possibly imagination. There are private rooms, playtime and even pool time for water-loving pets. You can sign up to view your pet’s activities online via your personal computer. You can add grooming services to make your pet pretty when you pick him up. Or you can simply enjoy your vacation knowing that your pet is safe in this upscale pet hotel.
  • Pet Camp. This pet hotel is a popular alternative to the Wag Hotel because it offers some of the same basic pet lodging services at a much more affordable price. They offer private rooms as well as play rooms. One great feature if you own a cat is the cat safari, which is an enclosed outdoor adventure area for sociable cats. You’ll wish that you could stay here too!
  • K9 Playtime. This is a favorite spot for locals to place their pets for overnight care. It’s cage-free and committed to providing a caring environment for your pet. This place isn’t as fancy as some of the other pet hotels in the city but it meets all of your basic pet hotel needs at a fair price.
  • Mission Cats - It's for cats only in the Mission District. A great place for your feline to play, rest, and have some visits with you during the trip.

How to Choose a San Francisco Pet-Friendly Hotel 

With all of these choices, it may be tough to decide which pet-friendly hotel to go with in San Francisco. Here are some factors to consider: 

  • Decide if you want a hotel for both you and your pet or just a room for your pet alone. Most people are seeking a hotel for both themselves and their pets and there are definitely some great ones in San Francisco. However there are a lot of fancy hotels and great boutique hotels in the area that might not allow pets. Make sure you know what you’re looking for as you go to choose your hotel.
  • Consider cost. There is a big price range among the different San Francisco pet-friendly hotels. If cost is a factor for you then make sure that you look into your budget before you make your travel plans.
  • Think about amenities. What do you want from your hotel? Do you need a pet-friendly hotel that has dog-sitting and grooming services? Or do you just need a place to lay your head with your pooch? Are you looking for a spot that has some extra treats for you? Or do you need more amenities for your pet than for yourself?
  • Don’t forget about the importance of location in San Francisco. One of the best things about San Francisco is that each neighborhood is unique. Try to choose a pet-friendly hotel that’s located in a neighborhood that appeals to you. Alternatively, choose one that’s located conveniently to public transportation so that you can easily see the neighborhoods that interest you most.

There are many wonderful pet hotels and pet-friendly hotels in San Francisco. Take advantage of all of the options by choosing the one that’s right for you.