Point Reyes Windy Seashore

One Day Drive

Point Reyes Lighthouse Steps

Drive up the coastal Highway 1 North to Point Reyes and the beautiful seashore. However it is VERY windy here. Bring warm clothes -- dress in layers. The drive to the lighthouse is through beautiful parkland with cows and horses quietly grazing. This is a great area to check out some B&B's overnight because it is a full 1 day drive. The 90 mile drive North to Point Reyes along coastal Highway 1 is spectacular and used in many car commercials.

The big event is to walk down to the Point Reyes lighthouse. It is EXTREMELY windy there. There are a lot of steps and it is very tiring -- even for in-shape people. There are often whales spotted from this location during the right whale-watching seasons. A great way to getaway from the city life...

You can also camp around Point Reyes and drive through beautiful rolling pastures. There are long beaches to walk on.