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If you move to San Francisco from anywhere other than Manhattan, one of the first things that you’re likely to notice is that apartments here are small. Your new home comes with lots of perks, but it just isn’t going to come with the spaciousness of your old home. Unless you’re ready to part with a number of your belongings, this is likely to mean that you are going to need to consider storing your extra stuff somewhere. A self-storage place can be a good choice, but you should research them to make sure that they are convenient to access, secure and affordable.

Here is some information on San Francisco’s mini-storage warehouses to help you make the decision about where to keep the stuff that you aren’t going to use but don’t want to get rid of while you’re living in San Francisco. Detailed pricing is as of Winter 2010.

SoMa Self Storage

1475 Mission St. (@ 10th St.)


The lowdown: SoMa Self Storage is a relatively new facility located in a neighborhood which is currently being revitalized. It’s a fancy place, with seven stories accessed by high speed elevators and a manager who lives on site.

Price: A small unit (5" x 8") is $118/month; a medium unit (10"x20") is $305/month; a large unit (10"x30") is $550/month. There is a $10 one-time fee on start-up and customer service via phone was average..

Available unit sizes: There are 40 different sizes of units available. The smallest is a 4’ x 4’ and the largest is a 10’ x 30’.

Safety: The area surrounding SoMa Self Storage is currently considered somewhat sketchy, but it’s undergoing rapid improvements. The storage unit itself is highly secure, considering that the individual units have alarm systems on them. It’s video-monitored and has high-tech stuff like elevator recall to catch problems should they occur.

Convenience: It’s open every day from seven to seven so as far as the hours go, it’s generally convenient. It’s located just off of Market St. which makes it easy to reach with your moving truck, especially if you’re just getting off of the freeway coming in to San Francisco.

Other notes: This storage unit features climate and humidity controlled storage options so if you’ve got some valuables that need to be kept in certain conditions, this is your spot.

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City Storage

500 Indiana St. (@ 18th St.)


The lowdown: City Storage is one of the most inexpensive self storage places in the city, located in an easily accessible area off of the freeway.

Price: A small unit (4" x 4 ") is $70/month; a medium unit (10"x10") is $208/month; a large unit (8"x12") is $270/month.There is a $10 one-time fee on start-up and customer service via phone was excellent.

Available unit sizes: Various starting at 4’ x 4’.

Safety: City Storage is located in a relatively safe area, the Potrero Hill neighborhood. Insurance and locks are available, sized for both individual and business use.

Convenience: Located just off of Interstate 280 so you don’t have to drive through the city with your truck if you’re just moving to San Francisco. There is also a second location in the SoMa neighborhood which may be more convenient although it doesn’t offer all of the same amenities.

Other notes: City Storage features small climate controlled lockers if you need to start items such as wine.

California Mini-Storage

790 Pennsylvania Ave. (@ 22nd St.)


The lowdown: California Mini-Storage is a spot that locals regularly report as having a friendly staff, low rates and secure units.

Price: A small unit (4" x4") is $35/month; a medium unit (8"x5") is $82/month; a large unit (8"x25") is $280/month. There are no fee's for start-up and phone service was very good.

Available unit sizes: Starts at 64 square feet (4’ x 4’) and goes all the way up to 3,456 square feet (8’ x 48’).

Safety: Their claim to fame is being vermin-free due to their special unit cleaning process. As far the safety of your stuff goes, they use razor wire and security codes for securing the area and monitored TV cameras as well as security beams for protecting the grounds. They also offer the “Ultra Latch”, a high security lock to make unit break-ins difficult.

Convenience: They are located just off of Highway 280, not far from Highway 101.

Other notes: The staff here is reported to be very friendly at all times; if this matters to you, California Mini-Storage is your spot.

San Francisco Mini Storage

1000 7th St. (@ Channel St.) - SOMA area South of Market, San Francisco


The lowdown: San Francisco Mini Storage is a ground-level self-storage unit that is filled with drive-up units, making it easy for you to get your stuff in and out.

Price: A small unit (4" x 4 ") is $47/month; a medium unit (8"x20") is $280/month; a large unit (8"x40") is $443/month. There is a $10 one-time fee on start-up and customer service via telephone was average. To start up a storage unit, you need to pay the $10 one-time fee, and a deposit equal to one month's rent, minus the admin fee.

Available unit sizes: 14 different sizes starting at locker size and going up to “mini warehouse”.

Safety: Standard security system is in place but it should be noted that the immediate neighborhood is less than desirable.

Convenience: Unlike many of the other storage spots in San Francisco, each of the units at San Francisco Mini Storage is a drive-up unit.

Other notes: They rent Budget trucks here so if you don’t already have a truck for moving your stuff, you can get one. They’ll also accept deliveries here for you.

Extra Space Storage

2501 Cesar Chavez (@ Kansas)


The lowdown: Extra Space is one of the chain storage places with a location in San Francisco. It’s got the perks and problems of a national chain store.

Price: A small unit (5" x 5 ") is $88/month; a medium unit (10"x10") is $185/month; a large unit (10"x25") is $444/month. There is a $29 one-time fee on start-up and customer service via phone was average.

Available unit sizes: Various, although the units at this storage space tend to run small. If you are packing up entire households of belongings, they offer more space at their East Bay locations.

Safety: There are managers on site, video surveillance of the building and electronic coded gates at the entrance.

Convenience: This storage unit is located off of the freeway. There is one other SF location and several East Bay locations as well.

Other notes: As far as the chain places go, this one is widely consider a good one in terms of San Francisco locations.

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By: Kathryn Vercillo, Copyright SFTRAVEL LLC