San Francisco Airport Shuttles

Transportation Alternatives

San Francisco Limousines Provide Privacy & Class

San Francisco Airport: SFO Information

Private Taxis and Limousines
Taxi's cost about $45 + a 15% tip; limousines cost about $45 for a basic sedan + a 15% tip.... Get a San Francisco limousine at the "Limo 2000" counter in baggage claim or call 415-737-8500.

Public Transit to San Francisco Airport SFO:

It is also possible but undesirable to use generally more time consuming public transit (buses and/or trains) to get to the city. Each of these choices will cost from $2-$6 in total compared with an average of about $11 for a shared van service. Your choices (recommended mostly for more stringent budget travelers) are as follows:

* The subway (BART) (800-992-2278)- frequent service direct to SFO Airport. Subway is quick once you get to it and goes directly from convenient city center area to SFO Airport. BART is's recommended choice to minimize cost with maximum convenience.

* SamTrans buses runs to and from the airport (for a $2.50 fare). SamTrans is an excellent value in airport ground transportation. If you travel light, the express, which allows one small piece of luggage on board, is preferable. The bus whisks you from the airport to various stops along SF's Mission St. in about half an hour (the non-express, which allows luggage, makes local stops and takes about an hour.) On both buses, the views going into San Francisco are beautiful. If you're on a late flight coming into SFO, the last bus leaves for downtown at 1:19am. These cheap buses are popular and always at least 50% full. During peak hours, they're standing room only. SAMTRANS buses: 800-660-4287 (Kudo's to K.S. 12/97)

* Take a bus to connect to:

* The train (CalTrain) - (800-532-8405) infrequent service (hourly) and connects you to a Muni light rail connection (the E line) in the South of Market area of SF (SOMA). The Muni E line will take you right to the Financial District for $1. Most readers concur that Cal Train is a "poor choice" for an airport connection to downtown SF-- it is extremely time consuming.