San Francisco Weather in June

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It’s June and you are planning on taking a summer trip to San Francisco. I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is that there is virtually zero chance that you’ll have to deal with rain during your vacation. The bad news is that if it’s your first time visiting San Francisco in the summer then it’s going to be much chillier and windier than you expected. Don’t fret; just make sure to pack several sweaters and don’t plan to wear shorts to any of the great June outdoor events in the city and you’ll be fine.

The funny thing about San Francisco for residents is that the temperatures in the city rarely vary throughout the year and yet different months definitely feel warmer and cooler than others. The funny thing about San Francisco for visitors is that the always-moderate temperatures here can feel very extreme depending on where they are coming from and during what time of year. So the average June high temperature of 66 degrees in San Francisco can feel normal or even a little warm to a local while it may feel freezing to someone who is coming from a place like Arizona where they’re already hitting 100-degree highs in June.

So what can you actually expect from the weather in San Francisco in June? Well it’s going to be in the 50’s and 60’s during your stay whether it is night or day. The average low temperature for June is 53; the average high is 66. The chill in the air comes from the thick fog that rolls into the city in the summer. That fog also means that June is one of the most humid months in the city. This can mean that you will feel cold when you’re standing in the foggy breeze but then when you start walking up San Francisco’s notorious hills the humidity will hit you and you’ll get warm. That’s why it is especially important to take on the San Franciscan clothing style of wearing lots of layers if you’re visiting the city in June. You can bundle up against the cold, peel off your jackets and scarves as you warm up while walking in the humid afternoons and then layer back up when you sit down to an outside café meal and realize it’s really cold for summer!

June is when the city’s stream of neighborhood summer street festivals begins and that’s a good reason to get outside on any given weekend. The North Beach Festival brings music to Little Italy, the Haight Street festival gives you an excuse to enjoy the hippie-flavored funkiness of this shopping district and you don’t want to miss the family-friendly, eco-friendly Union Street festival, which is one of the oldest street fairs in the city.

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Street fairs aren’t the only reason to get outside in San Francisco in June. There are plenty of other events as well. For example, it’s the start of free concert season out at Stern Grove, a beautiful park that’s great for enjoying outdoor music but that can be chilly under the shade of those trees. June also means mid-month Juneteenth celebrations honoring the end of U.S. Slavery; in 2012 the event moves back to Fillmore Street. It’s also the thick of the San Francisco Giants baseball season, held at AT&T Park, another beautiful spot where it can be cold with the wind and fog coming off of the bay. And June is time for the annual Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon; you’ll shiver as a spectator in the wind coming off the water and wonder how those athletes are getting in the frigid waves for a 1.5 mile swim! There’s also a two-day Fitness Festival and Expo at Marina Green (also on the water) that coincides with the triathlon.

But perhaps the most popular June event in San Francisco is Pride Weekend. There are Pride-related events throughout town all month long culminating in the big weekend at the end of the month, held on the last weekend of June to commemorate the Stonewall riots. The two-day weekend includes events in various locations but the big ones are the huge Sunday morning parade down Market Street, Saturday night events in The Castro, and the Civic Center music events on both days. Parade-goers may be dressed in skimpy clothes but most folks will want a sweater just in case!

Thinking about visiting San Francisco in a month other than June? Check out our San Francisco Weather Averages table to learn more about the weather as you plan your tirp.



By: Kathryn Vercillo, Copyright sfTravel LLC