San Francisco Mission District Bars

Where it all happens...

The Mission District is a gentrifying (run-down) part of San Francisco. All of the artists have now congregated in what once was a true Hispanic district. Now, trendy restaurants are springing up everywhere in this area between the Gay Castro district and the trendy South of Market warehouse district (SOMA). The bars here are fun and grungy. They're great for a pair of jeans and some old sneakers. Note that this area is not recommended unless you are ready to visit a true urban area. Your visit will be worth it, because this area represents a rejuvenating neighborhood in the heart of the city. There are also some really cool bars as we review below...

You should plan on taking a taxi or bus to this area as parking is beyond awful any day of the week. The area is also very unsafe for car break-in's. I would strongly discourage bringing your car here unless you enjoy driving around in circles for hours or having your car towed -- after it is broken into.

On Andy's rating scale -- "A"=The best party place -to- "F"=Suckorama

Marsh's Mock Cafe
1074 Valencia Street Phone: 826-5750

Marsh's is a unique cafe with live performances including spoken word, poetry, and comedy. Play your cards right, and you could perform in San Francisco yourself.

The Albion

Andy Rating=B+
3139 16th Street @ Albion 552-8558
Featuring, "Service for the Sick", the Albion has a cool atmosphere with a good crowd and a lot of pool tables. Dark and rundown, but also fun and popular.

Doctor Bombay's

Andy Rating=B
3192 16th Street @ Valencia 431-5255
A cool place named after a TV Bewitched character, but somewhat on the downswing. Located right across from the Roxie old-time movie theater. Campy with masks, eaves, and Polynesian decorations. The Doctor features a drink called "Pixie Piss." Similar grunge scene to the Albion with lots of beer and darkness but a little less pool. They played good music and kept the TV running with no sound.

The Kilowatt

Andy Rating=?
3160 16th @ Valencia 861-2595
The Kilowatt features some good live music at low cover charges in a converted firehouse. Dogs are encouraged and the clientele doesn't exactly dress up.

Jack's Elixir

Andy Rating=B+
3200 16th Street @ Valencia 552-1633
Jack's was a little brighter and cleaner than the rest. Sixty different beers are available in an Irish pub atmosphere. Jacks isn't the most exciting place in the Mission, but windows allow observation of revelers at 16th & Guerrero.

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