San Francisco's Favorite Restaurants

We are very pleased to present our recommendations and favorite restaurants based on years of dining, chowing, and even eating all around SF. We do love to eat... and eat & eat. San Francisco has awesome restaurants. It's hard to go wrong... unless you stick to the touristy places you see on the tops of the San Francisco taxis. Of course - you can make any romantic night out more memorable with a comfy trip in a limousine (and forget about San Francisco parking hassles!)

A nice restaurant in San Francisco can be a real taste treat, but can also be pretty costly... a casual restaurant is often even more fun. Maybe the coolest thing about SF food is the wealth of ethnic restaurants. Try something a little more daring... you won't be sorry.

All of reviews are 101% independent and unbiased since our "brutally honest" site NEVER accepts promotional consideration, "comps", or payments from ANY restaurant.

Now - learn to cook with San Francisco's greatest chefs at culinary and cooking schools. An amazing experience not to be missed for any trip.

Our "San Francisco's Best" awards:

Park Chow ($$)
Universal Cafe ($$$)
Restaurant Gary Danko ($$$$$)
The Blue Plate ($$$)
Luna Park ($$ - $$$)
Restaurant Lulu ($$$)
Limon Restaurant ($$$)

"...what we really wanted was a list of neighborhood restaurants that are not geared for the tourists. We have been told that these places exist where the locals go to eat, that don't cost much, but serve great food -- because they rely on repeat business from locals. Since we had a car, we could have driven anywhere in SF to go to these restaurants..." (F.F. )

After dining, dance and drink the night away at San Francisco nightclubs.

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