San Francisco Zoo

Lions, Tigers, & Elephants

The San Francisco Zoo is located at 1 Zoo Road and operates daily from 10 am to 5pm (the San Francisco Zoo is open on all holidays). The zoo can be reached at 415-753-7080. Public transit to the zoo includes the following Muni bus lines: L-Taraval, #18 - 46th Avenue; and #23 Monterey.

The zoo's rides feature a miniature steam train and old time vintage carousel. Both rides are $2 per person.

San Francisco Zoo - Main Guide Everything you need to visit a great zoo right near downtown San Francisco.
Big Cats - Lions & Tigers Don't miss the giant cats of the San Francisco Zoo. You can get close up to them with the zoo's unique cat areas.
Primates - Monkeys & Gorillas The primates roam free in the zoo's open areas - surrounded by water moats for safety. See big gorillas or active monkeys.
Zoo Attractions Your children will enjoy the zoo's miniature train ride and old-time vintage carousel.
Hooved Animals Zebras, donkeys, goats, and al-paca's include petting areas for some hooved animals your kids can enjoy.