San Francisco Weather in April

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April is an ideal time to visit the city of San Francisco. The winter rains have ended. The temperatures are starting to get a little bit warmer. The vegetation is lush and beautiful with the start of spring. And yet, it seems to be a well-kept secret that San Francisco is so great at this time of year, which means that the tourist crowds haven’t hit yet and prices on attractions and hotels are lower than they will be in the months to come.

Throughout the winter months San Francisco sees an average monthly rainfall of between three and five inches. However, April ushers in the drier season of the year and the average rainfall for this month drops down to just one inch. This means that as an April visitor you are unlikely to have to deal with the hassles of rain during your visit. What you will get to enjoy, however, is the beauty of the natural vegetation through the city that results from having experienced all of this rain.

April is a great time of year to visit the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park, for example, where you can see the rich plant life flourishing after the winter rains. You can also enjoy the spring flowers by taking a walk along the Filbert Steps on the east side of Telegraph Hill where Coit Tower is located. These are privately maintained gardens that the public is allowed to walk through. (This is also the home of the famous wild parrots of San Francisco so keep your eyes and ears out for them!) If you do happen to hit the city on one of those rainy days, visit the Conservatory of Flowers to enjoy the beauty of nature within the comfort of the indoors!

Although you are unlikely to encounter rain, you may experience some chill in the air in San Francisco in April. The average April San Francisco temperature is a low of 50 degrees and a high of 63. However, the way that this temperature feels on your skin can vary greatly depending on whether it’s sunny or foggy. It can also vary significantly from one neighborhood to the next. Wear comfortable clothing that breathes easily and pack a few layers for the hours when it is chillier out.


While you are walking around the city in April, make sure to keep an eye out for the Cherry Blossom trees. These beautiful flowering pink trees only share their petals for a short time each spring and it is a treat to both see and smell them. They are located all throughout the city but visit Japantown for the best opportunity to see them. And actually, while you’re there, you’ll want to take advantage of the opportunity to check out the Cherry Blossom Festival, an annual event that happens across two consecutive weekends each April.



Month Avg High Temp Avg Low Temp Avg Rain (inches)
April 63 50 1

Pier 39 San FranciscoThis isn’t the only annual festival in April of course. San Francisco’s calendar is always packed with plenty of things to do. Popular April events include the International Beer Festival, the San Francisco International Film Festival, and the spring edition of Open Studios during which each weekend offers the chance to explore the art studios of working artists in different neighborhoods throughout the city. Finally, Easter sometimes falls in April and that’s a great time in San Francisco. See our March weather article to learn more about San Francisco Easter activities. April is a month in San Francisco that offers a relatively cloudless sky, so you may also want to think about going to do some stargazing at the beach or using the telescopes that are sometimes open on the roof of the California Academy of Sciences. If you notice a clear sky during the daytime hours then it is worth it to go out to the Cliff House restaurant and check out the Camera Obscura, a unique attraction that allows you to actually enter a large camera and see the surrounding area from the lens within.

With warm, even temperatures, plenty of interesting events and a low tourist count, April is a top-notch month for visiting San Francisco.  Do you want to know what the temperature is like in San Francisco in other months of the year? Check out our handy guide.

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