JW Marriott Hotel

San Francisco Review

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This hotel's contemporary style, elegance, and great service make it an excellent choice. The JW Marriott blends Asian and American styles to provide a unique experience. The third-floor features a 17 story atrium and an amazing fountain sculpture. Each room has a personal valet call button for anything you need! Even better, a ROLLS ROYCE is available to shuttle you around San Francisco. Truly a unique experience for any expense account...

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K.D. writes "My favorite hotel in San Francisco is the JW Marriott on Post and Mason. (Near Union Square) It is expensive but in my opinion is better than any listed in your expensive category. It is across the street from Postrio- a great fun restaurant."

While hotel prices fluctuate rapidly -- for June -- prices quoted ranged from $170-$190 with a median price quote of $190.

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Henry Islands writes, "It's one of the nices places to stay in san fran!"

Bob Emswiler writes, "Been all over the world and nothing beats the personal service. Top notch!!!"