Khan Toke

San Francisco's Best Thai Food

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Khan Toke Thai House is located way out in the Richmond district past 20th Avenue where San Franciscan's really live. Just get on Geary & keep driving -- but it's worth it. Khan Toke's a higher end Thai restaurant where you get to sit on cushions and no shoes are allowed.

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We visited Khan Toke in December 1999 and immensely enjoyed the hospitality and great food. The host will take your shoes and seat you at a low table. Some of the tables have a "well" to drop your feet, and at some tables you sit cross-legged. This seating may not always be the most comfortable.

The food is an excellent selection with great quality. The atmosphere is very authentic -- the servers wear traditional clothing of a Thai server. Background music is beautiful selections from the Thai culture. For an appetizer, we enjoyed fresh spring rolls which had an excellent mix of shrimp and vegetables with a delicious sauce. We sampled garlic prawns in a special, sweet vinagrette sauce -- excellent! We also tried a spicy chicken dish which was wonderful.

There are many Thai restaurants you can try in San Francisco. They range from diners to stylish, upscale restaurants. I would recommend Khan Toke as your best choice for a memorable and delicious meal. Just don't forget their trademark -- no shoes and you may sit on the cushioned floor!

Expect to spend around $20 per person in total and share your food -- it's the most fun...

5937 Geary near 22nd Avenue (this is nowhere near Union Square)


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