San Francisco Moving Guide

san francisco moving guide

Moving to San Francisco can be the ultimate vacation. San Francisco is a world-class city with job opportunity unlike no other. The incredible climate, diverse cultures, and media / financial centers makes a move to San Francisco a smart choice. Moving to San Francisco is a significant decision and our moving guide should help you to make a smart choice. Our qualifications? We've moved to San Francisco from the Midwest -- moved around the Bay Area many times -- moved out to other West Coast cities -- and are even now considering returning. Moving can definitely get expensive -- we've compiled a list of San Francisco movers to compare.

The job market in San Francisco - although vibrant - has declined somewhat due to the infamous "dot com bubble" burst. Make sure you have fully explored jobs in San Francisco and Silicon Valley if you are coming "jobless". We've compiled a list of temporary services to help get you started with some cash coming in as quickly as possible. The cost of living in San Francisco is one of the highest in the country, so planning smartly for your finances is a wise idea.

Moving Guide - Finding A Place to Live:

You'll need a place to live once you get here. Three services you might check out to find an apartment or even shared rental in San Francisco would be: CitiApartments 415-861-1111 (2099 Market Street - M-F 9-5 / Sat. 12:30 - 4:30) and Apartment Hunters. If San Francisco's often tiny apartments can't hold all of your stuff, a cheap storage rental may help store that old patio table in the meantime. You can get help from basic to more extensive moving from a variety of licensed and insured San Francisco moving companies.

San Francisco Neighborhoods:

Within the City of San Francisco, there are very different neighborhoods to live in. Understanding the culture, convenience, and safety of each of these neighborhoods will be critical to finding the right place for you to fully enjoy moving to San Francisco. There are many opinions on each neighborhood, and what is right for your San Francisco move depends on your own interests. We guarantee we will receive feedback on our neighborhood reviews as they are inherently controversial. Check out our San Francisco Moving Forum to share your opinions and meet others who are moving / recently moved to San Francisco.

Neighborhood Moving Guide Review
Richmond and Sunset Family oriented neighborhoods with more owner-occupied and large Asian + Russian communities. Longer commutes into the central city.
Haight Counter-culture, alternative area with many former hippies. Shopping area heavy with pan-handling and some safety concerns.
Marina Yuppie area with prices to boot. One of the most expensive and exclusive areas for professionals moving into the City. Per the name - close to the Bay.
Saint Francis Woods Family oriented and expensive area with long distance from downtown.
Mission Gentrifying area combining long-time Hispanic businesses with artists and design professionals. Great sunny weather.
Fillmore Mixed area with cool shops but some close-by safety issues.
Castro The most popular Gay area in San Francisco.
Potrero Similar to the Mission district, but with more owner-occupied and even more gentrified. Safety can be spotty in some areas.
Bayview / Ingleside / Hunters Point Notorious areas for crime - I would avoid. Best areas (changing) are condo complexes near AT&T baseball stadium for San Francisco Giants.
Chinatown Center of Asian culture and vibrant with tightly packed residents.
South of Market (SOMA) Trendy areas close to downtown. Busy with cars, but convenient commutes and great nightlife.
Downtown New York style high rise living - not recommended for most.


San Francisco Jobs

Software Development and Project Management - San Francisco Jobs: San Francisco job-seekers report excellent experiences with APN for technical roles. They get to know you personally, they place you in good companies, and they treat you well afterwards. They are in Newark California, but they will place you anywhere in the Bay Area, including San Francisco. You can fax your resume to them with a cover letter. 39899 Ballentine Drive - Newark, CA 94560

Accounting Jobs Near San Francisco

If you are an Accountant who wants to move to San Francisco - you are in luck since this is an area with many jobs available. Most of these agencies seem to handle both permanent and temporary jobs.

Nelson Staffing Jobs San Francisco
Ajilon Professional Staffing
HR Solutions
Accountants International
Nelson Financial Recruiting

San Francisco Employment "Temp" Agencies

We verified all of these San Francisco job agencies continued existence - let us know if any are closed. Most of these agencies seem to handle both permanent and temporary jobs, some handle only temporary jobs. Many of these agencies handle a wide range of skills, from office support (receptionists, word processors) to computer-skilled (database managers). Some even handle light industrial jobs (assembly handler). You can directly fax them your resume and cover letter to see what matches they may have and their screening process. One option to consider if you are looking to beef up your skills is to get a degree from private universities in San Francisco.

Career Alliance Volt Services Group Certified Employment Group
DM Stone Wollborg-Michaelson Eastridge Group
General Employment Olsten Innovations Personnel Services
J Boragine Manpower JobLink Partners
Kimco Specialized Staffing

Storage Units

Pathways Personnel
Special Counsel Moving Companies Total Support Services

Colleges, Schools, and Universities