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A Variety of Unique Gifts Can Be Shopped for at Pier 39.

Pier 39 has a number of quality stores targeted at San Francisco tourists. A variety of gifts, gourmet foods, and handmade items can be purchased at the Pier 39 mall. The photo above shows children's puppets that can be purchased at a store specializing only in puppets. At San Francisco's Pier 39, you can bet on large crowds and busy stores convenient to many Fisherman's Wharf hotels.

Another example of the variety of gourmet food and gifts you can find at San Francisco's Pier 39 is shown above. The chocolate store offers many gourmet chocolate treats and is convenient to a variety of Fisherman's Wharf hotels. You can get San Francisco's unique Ghiradelli chocolates and chocolate truffles - eat your heart out!

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The Pearl Factory shown above is a store where you can look in oysters to find your own personal pearl. Your pearl - if you find one - is mounted in the jewelry that you choose. It's like diving in the ocean - but right at San Francisco's Pier 39. The stores above are great examples of the tourist focused shopping available at San Francisco's Pier 39 mall.

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