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It's chilly on the Twin Peaks hilltop - but sweatshirts are available...

Other than admiring the view and a short hike, there is little else to do once youíre up at the top. There are no designated picnic areas, but if itís a nice day, thereís nothing stopping you from dropping a blanket on one of the peaks and enjoying a snack, though finding a smooth comfortable spot may prove to be problematic. On the colder days, just enjoying the view from you car is certainly an option, as the view from the parking lot looking straight down Market Street is incredible. If youíre looking for a place to take the dog, they are allowed, but leashes are a must.

During the peak seasons, the hill will be covered with people traveling up the hill for the view. Events are sometimes held on the summit so I would suggest checking the local newspaper upon arrival, to see if anything is going on. Twin Peaks also provides optimal viewing of special events that happen in the city, including 4th of July fireworks and the Blue Angels during Fleet Week. If you do want to travel up the hill for one of those special events, get there early. Your best bet would be to park at the base of the hill and walk up, as parking is limited, and the roads can congested with excited tourists and locals.

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