Twin Peaks San Francisco

Weather and Nature

There is a public restroom provided in the main parking lot, but for any other amenities, you have to travel back down either to Portola, or to the Castro and Market Street.

Though Twin Peaks is best on a sunny day, donít let a little weather deter you from going up there. Watching the fog make itís way from the Pacific is also quite a sight to see from the top of the peaks. The fog will sometimes climb up the western side of the hill and slowly cascade down the east side. On rare occasions, when the fog is low lying, youíll be in the sun at the summit, with the fog actually below you. Itís rare but great to see when it happens. The last time I went up there, it was a cloudy day, and though I generally prefer sunny days on the peak, the clouds still couldnít take away from the awesome view of our spectacular city.

By: Colleen Kelly - Copyright SFTRAVEL LLC

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