Motel Capri - San Francisco

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Linda writes, "We just returned from San Francisco in where we spent 9 days at the Motel Capri for $135 per night and I must tell you it was wonderful. If you are looking for a clean, pleasant, safe and best of all reasonable place to stay look no further. The Motel is not the Ritz, but ask yourself how long are you planning to stay in your room when you are visiting a city? After spending more than twice this amount to stay in Union Square last Summer we will never do it again! I found out about Motel Capri on this website and I must say they have proven to me that doing a little research is well worth the time. We ate take out Mexican made before our very eyes at La Canasta - not more than 3 blocks away that was well worth the wait. Our breakfast stop was Bay Watch also very close and very good. We also tried the Greek take out restaurant Wilbur's at 2211 Filbert at Fillmore that made us wish we could take it home with us. All in all we're glad we found Motel Capri and see you next Summer!!!"

"I travel approx. 100 days/year and have stayed the gamut...from Four Seasons to critter-infested dives. I am big on value and always feel that the "Marriott's" are not worth the $$. I prefer value hotels/motels and even like Motel 6. If it's clean, near eats and drinks, has a decent cable TV channel selection and a phone, it's good to me. I was so pleasantly surprised and had such a great stay at Motel Capri that I feel the need to tell your readers about this great little budget motel.

This Motel is great. It is in the Marina district which is nice. You could have everything you need right here if you didn't want to go anywhere else. 1 mile West of the Wharf, 1 mile East of the Golden Gate. Located in the same area as many of the Lombard Street motels/hotels listed on your site, but on Greenwich instead, 1 block off Lombard... which means the street is much quieter. I had a room facing the street (North) and I could look out my large windows onto Greenwich St. Surrounding this motel was residences and each morning I could watch numerous neighborhood residents jogging along the sidewalk, walking their dogs or just sitting on their doorsteps talking with each other. I felt like I was a neighborhood resident, not an out-of-town tourist.

The room was immaculately clean including the tile shower stall which was maintained well and looked brand new. The furnishings were old, but who really cares...they were comfortable and clean. A nice table to put my laptop on while I checked e-mail (and it was close to the phone and power outlets). Speaking of phone, this one had a dataport and local calls were only 50 cents w/no time restrictions. Blinds closed all the way and blocked out any unwanted sunlight in the morning and the bed and pillows were perfect and extremely comfortable (I almost didn't want to get up in the morning).

I had a smoking room which smelled faintly like they had painted recently. A crack of one of the two large viewing windows took care of that. The room didn't smell much like smoke...perhaps the live plant on the table helped with that. Even if you don't smoke, I recommend a room on the North side so you can people-watch in the neighborhood from your room.

The staff was very friendly and extremely helpful. The MUNI bus line 30, which will take you to the Wharf, North Beach, Chinatown, Union Square, and to any connecting bus, was only two blocks away. The OWL 91 line dropped me off two blocks away at 3:00 a.m. after partying all night in North Beach.

By the way, the Bay Watch restaurant was only 2 blocks away and the breakfast, as preached, was fabulous as was the free coffee given to me while waiting 10 minutes for a table.

Oh, and I almost forgot....this was a true bargain at only $125 and change out-the-door including parking for a Saturday night stay! Quite simply, this motel and it's location rocks and I now have a "home away from home" in San Francisco."

Chris writes, "I stayed at the Capri for 4 nights in July.I had read a review about this motel on your site. My rate was $135 per night with free parking. This was the lowest rate I was able to find for this time. The room was clean and we had everything that we needed.The room is not fancy, but is nice enough.The staff was also helpful with advice about transportation, restaurants, etc.

The area was very safe and we were able to walk at night with little or no apprehension.We did hear quite a bit of noise at night from people walking around outside.We also read about the Bay Watch restaurant on your site. This was by far the best place we ate at while in San Francisco.The food was great and the prices were very reasonable. The omelets are unreal! I also agree with most of the comments you make about the wharf area. It is ok to visit, but the beggars are sickening and the restaurants are way overpriced. We did enjoy a great pizza at North Beach Pizza. The seafood restaurants were a disappointment - high prices for Captain D's style food. Actually, I enjoy Captain D's more. THANKS for the great info I found on your site - I was about to book an overpriced room in Union Square until I found SfTravel.

$135 with parking

Hotel Del Sol - "...attractively furnished and a thumbs-up for the price..."

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David Ward writes, "My wife and I loved this place. Still trapped in the 1960s, this motel is great. We booked one night, then added one more night. The room was clean. No frills though (i.e., hairdryer, coffemaker, etc.) The front-desk people were so nice to us. They do have plans to modernize this next year. I saw the photos... boring! It will then look just like every other motel out there. Yecch! I wish they would capitalize and exaggerate on their 60s style, and "retro" the upcoming restoration."